Basecamp - Hide name


Is there a way hide the name of a waypoint and just show the icons? I’ve created a bunch of POIs and want to take some screenshots that just show the icons. If I zoom out it works but I’m looking for a way to change it in the settings. Thanks!


Just double click on the waypoint and it opens a new window and you'll be given the choice of displaying "Symbol", "Symbol and Name" or "Symbol and Comment".

This could be tedious if you need to do a large number of modifications to waypoints. There might be a way to group a bunch of waypoints at the same time (using the Select icon/pointer) and modifying all at once to "Symbol" only.

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Thank you! This did work. I

Thank you! This did work. I highlighted multiple waypoints and Basecamp allowed me to change groups of them at once.


you can also use the "SELECT" tool (looks like a blue arrow pointing at 11 o'clock) and do what I call a soft grouping by drawing a box around the desired points and then go up to the EDIT menu and say OPEN. You get even more choices in the drop-down menu when doing that!

Another method: You can hold down the CONTROL key and individually select all your desired waypoints when using the menu/tool bar on the left side of the screen.

(2) Nuvi 1450LMT + 3597LMTHD + 2557LMT + DS61LMT-S Boston MA