As much as I hate basecamp.....


I finally (after how many years?) found a use for it.

I carry a smartphone with gps to track my workouts. The app is something called wahoofitness. I don't recall the exact details of why I settled on it, but it seemed to check more boxes at the time than some of the other ones, including garmin. Best I can recall, it was one of the few that supported ANT. The others were BT only. My chest strap (for HR monitoring) used ANT radio.

Anyway, the app is reasonably ok, but lacks any sort of import/export function so migration to a new device is a nightmare if one wants to retain their workout history.

So this old smartphone has been recording workouts going on 3 years now. Time to retire the phone. How do I get my data to the new device......A samdung s9+.

The old phone was __rooted___, so poking around in the file system I found a bunch of .fit files, which basecamp can import. Score 1 for basecamp.

As for workouts on the new device, latest version of the app supports uploading these .fit files automatically to dropbox (who still uses dropbox!?@#). I will have to enable that. We'll see if it automatically upload once a data connection is available (phone is in airplane mode during workout).

If the old phone wasn't rooted, I'd have to manually upload each session through the app. A painful and time consuming process vs just grabbing the entire folder and dumping it to some cloud service. The samdungs are locked these days and cannot be rooted.

/rant off