Texas Speed Cameras


It's in the workings for Texas to set up speed cameras at three different highway locations. "not to issue tickets, but to see if the highway speed needs adjusting". Also they propose to send letters to those caught speeding advising them they should slow down..........what's this leading too?

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Hi Robert,

Do you know the links of the source? Which highways will be this "pilot" program? Are those mobile version or static ones?


You know what it is headed for...

More surveillance, more taxes - I mean fines - of course all in the name of "public safety".

If they do the same as with red light cameras with short yellow lights, they will locate the roads with the most out of sync speed limits (ie, set way too low vs it's appropriate assessment), slap some cameras on it and watch the money roll in.

Same as in the old days in certain small towns - set the speed limit artifically low and put a cop there to collect the taxes, I mean tolls, I mean fines.

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