so when will MS learn about updates and changing your settings?


So, I did a lot of genealogy work on my Win 10 PC today and left a bunch of windows open to continue working on after din-din. When I came back after a couple of hours, I noticed that I now had a picture as a screen saver instead of a blank (black) screen.

Wiggled the mouse and did the password thing. Noticed that FamilyTree Maker, MailWasher and Outlook were now no longer on the task bar and all the windows that were full screen were now at 1/2 screen size (I have 2 windows side by side a lot for genealogy).

Started digging around and found that apparently during the last update (March 2021) that the "Active Hours" setting had been changed to "Automatic" which Windows changed to 8AM to 6PM. It was set to 8AM to 11PM. This would have prevented an update from being installed tonight while unattended. Also the "Show a notification when your PC requires a restart to finish updating" was turned off.

See: KB5001330 for details.

Does a lowly programmer make this decision or does management? Why give us the option to personalize when they change the settings whenever they want during an update?

I guess we will have to review the settings after every update.

This is as bad as when someone else has driven your vehicle (oil change, car wash, etc.), and afterwards you get in and the radio channel has been changed and the volume is very loud, as well as the seat and all the mirrors have to be readjusted evil

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Microsoft knows best!

The default setting should always be to never restart the computer without explicitly asking the operator for permission. That said; I have some applications that notify the system before restarting or shutting down that there is unsaved data, so it is possible to design the update process to not lose any unsaved data. Nothing is worse than to setup a critical overnight processing job and to arrive at work in the morning to find that the computer restarted or went into hibernation so you need to start over.

Thanks for the info

Thanks for the info

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There's several things I

There's several things I disable on any windows pc I set up.

Using group policy editor

1) Local computer policy, administrative templates, windows components, windows update

Configure automatic updates set to Disabled

2) Local computer policy, administrative templates, windows components, OneDrive

Prevent usage of onedrive for file storage set to enabled


#1 Completely disables automatic updates. They are run when I run them.

#2 Disables onedrive, have my own cloud, don't need the MS crap.

3) Disable a bunch of ms crap and other bloat.

This is for win 10 pro. No idea on the home edition.

Same Win 10 update today

Just a couple of hours ago I got a flag that said that fixes had been applied and that an restart is scheduled for my off hours. For me personally, I'm good with that. But then I decided that it's bedtime but before I go I want to do the update, which I did. Took about 3 or 4 minutes with no deleterious effects.

Here's the update details that I have not taken the time to read because it's 1:07 a.m. and I'm going to bed.

April 13, 2021—KB5001330 (OS Builds 19041.928 and 19042.928)


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Hackers galore

Since we are talking about updates, I am reading the book " This Is How They Tell Me The World Ends" by Nicole Perlroth. It will tell you why there are so many updates among companies and the Cyber war that is happening now.
If you think you are safe , at a hackers convention it took someone 4 minutes to hack into Apple. Feel safe using your phone?

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I just recently had to reload Windows 10 on a broken laptop that was given to me....
I prefer Firefox over Edge.... and set Firefox as my Default Browser.....
As there was many Windows Updates that had to be installed from the Installer Dual Layer DVD loader..... That took a few days.....

And during that time... 3-5 times.... A Windows Update returned Edge Icons to desktop and Update ceased while A Popup Window Strongly suggested that Edge become my Default Browser.... And they would be happy to make that change right now...

And 3-5 times..... I still said "NO--Keep my Existing Settings!" and then deleted the Edge Icon afterward....

Persistant..... On BOTH SIDES!!!

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^^You should always use the

^^You should always use the most current windows ISO available when reinstalling windows. This ensures the amount of updates installed subsequently will be minimal.

Set your browser user agent to something other than windows to be able to grab the actual iso rather than the bootable media creation tool.