Garmin Express vs Basecamp


I was trying to install maps to a Garmin Drivesmart 52. BaseCamp said the map install was successful. It kept the old map 2021.20 on the GPS unit and installed 2021.30 to the memory card. BaseCamp told me that there was not enough memory left on the main unit. I got a message stating that the Map could not be unlocked whenever the memory card was installed. I tried updating the map on BaseCamp but the unlock map error code would not go away.

When I called Garmin Support they told me to use Garmin Express and install the map directly to the unit and to format the memory card. Apparently Garmin Express will automatically erase the old map 2021.20 while BaseCamp will not delete the old maps.

The old maps do not list on Windows Explorer even though I have it set to show hidden files and system directories. Where are the maps stored on the main unit? Does anyone know?

Thanks for the feedback.


BaseCamp shouldn't be used to install maps as that is all that's installed, it doesn't install other files that are required and are installed by Express.

Maps are stored in the normally hidden .system folder, to view it you need to set Windows to show hidden and system files, two different settings, and if you're sure you've done that then try setting your device to mass storage rather than mtp mode.

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Thanks. I think the Garmin

Thanks. I think the Garmin was not in mass storage mode.