Contributors Of The Week 2020-11-23


This week I'd like to recognize, Mgarledge!

Mary has been a member of POI Factory for nearly 12 years!

Mary has been a mainstay of our discussion forums, for many years.
This last year has been rough on everyone, and Mary has had the added stress of walking with her husband through Cancer treatment, which requires travel from home, hotel stays, big city complexity, etc.
Despite all this stress, she still checks in with us whenever possible. She's one of the people who remind me that POI Factory is a community.
Thanks for honestly sharing your journey with us, Mary!
We appreciate all your contributions to our community!


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Congratulations, Mary.

Congratulations, Mary. Thanks for being there,

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Congratulations Mary!

Great Choice!

Congratulations on the COW

I always enjoy your comments. I will keep you and your husband in my thoughts and prayers. God bless!

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Thanks Mary.

We really appreciate you being a part of our POI Factory community. You always seem to know how to bring the discussion back to what's really important when we go off on a tangent.

Best wishes to you and your loved ones for a happier 2021. It definitely has been a rough year.

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Thanks Mary and enjoy your

Thanks Mary and enjoy your week.

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Congrats to you, Mary!

Have a great week!

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Enjoy your week as a COW smile

A nice surprise

Thank you Angela for the nice words. It has been a stressful year but it is always comforting too be able to log on here and read what everyone is doing. It does help.
Thank you everyone for yout support and thoughts.
We should find out in a couple of weeks if the clinical trial is helping my husband's neuroendocrine cancer.
Thanks again , Mary

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Congratulations Mary!

Thank you for your contributions here. Wishing you and your husband the very best!


Great job

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Well-done, Mgarledge! Thank you for your efforts!

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hip hip

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Congrats Mgarledge

Glad you were chosen to be in the C.O.W. spotlight Mary, and will be praying for healing and strength to endure the trials you and your husband are facing.

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Wishing you and your family the best.


Congratulations Mgarledge on your support for the POI community. Our prayers are with you and the family. We pray for a speedy recovery for your husband.

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Well deserved and thanks. Will be watching for any updates. Hope the coming year brings good news and is less stress full.

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Praying for you

and your family, Mary.

You have been a big part of the "glue" that holds us together and we thank you for that.


Congrats Mgarledge

Thanks for your contributions and enjoy your COW.

Congrats Mgarledge!

Congratulations Mary enjoy your COW!

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Congratulations Mary!!

A well deserved award in these trying times between Covid and your husbands treatment, it's certainly puts a lot of un-needed stress both to you and your husband for getting the treatment he requires. Please keep us posting and remain positive.


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Congratulations Mary!!

Congrats Mgarledge on your

Congrats Mgarledge on your COW award.

Thanks for your contributions and I hope your hubby has great success with his treatments.

Congratulations Mgarledge

Thank you for everything you do.


Many thanks for your fine contributions!



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Thank you Mary

Congratulations and thanks for making POI Factory a great place to read and post. Enjoy your week in the pasture.

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Hang in There Mary

Thank you for your valued contributions here on the forum and enjoy your well deserved C.O.W. !!


Thanks for being here.

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Congrats Mary!

Thank you for your many contributions over the years and kudos on your COW award! Praying for your husband!


Congrat's on your COW. Sorry to hear about your husband, but glad you still have time to do the things you like and stay in touch with us.

We hope you enjoyed your week in the pasture.

Thanks mary!

It's always good to hear from you!
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Congrats to you Mgarledge and thank you for your contributions!

Many thanks.....

for your efforts. Congrats.

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