was cleaning the attic


And of course found all kinds of old stuff. Like the cancelled check I wrote as the deposit on this house. Only $1,000?

and I found the first and only red light camera ticket I ever got, dated 11/29/02, in DC. To be honest, at the time? I never knew such things existed. Pretty sure they were 35mm cameras back then? And the pics are barely discernible.

The reason I think there is zero chance of a mistake (short of all out malfunction) is the pic which shows the position of the offender's vehicle when the light turned red. One can clearly see that my car has not reached the line yet, and proceeds right through. Today it's video--how can it lie?

My wife says, you received one ticket in your life, and it's a concern (like loading rlc files etc.). She believes this to be irrational. Like why would you care if you don't run lights.

To be honest, I've never met anyone in person who drives with red light cam alerts!

p.s. on the topic of the attic, because I'm suddenly mr fix it man,I added an outlet one one side and installed an LED light bar thingy. The house came with 2 fluorescent lamps, and one simply fell off from the weight and years. They were both hard wired, and the new LED lights have cords with plugs. What's laughable is I had the box for the outlet, and so the receptacle and the face plate were $2.26 delivered.

Now that I think of it, there's a junction box with a pull switch. I googled pull switches and they don't seem to go over 3 amps. So that implies the hot on my outlet is only good for 3, not 15, amps. there is a circuit breaker box in the attic with 3 switches--one main, one for the gable fan, and one for those two lights. So I think the circuit breaker matches the rating of that pull switch, because think about it, only 15 amps total, is running to the attic, from the main panel.

Imagine with everything being online nowadays and wifi, how things would be different on new homes.

I do

johnnatash4 wrote:

...To be honest, I've never met anyone in person who drives with red light cam alerts!

I have the rlc poi loaded on my 1450, and if memory serves, in the last 10 years it's alerted me a total of three times. So I'd have to say there's value in using rlc alerts.


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one of the things i like

about the area where I retired to is there are NO red light or speed cameras.

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They were very helpful when I was working and traveling

Since I retired I have had no rlc warnings. We don't have them anymore in Rochester, NY. I still use them because I periodically do travel to see my kids.

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wife's point is you don't run red lights, why give it any thought?

Do we have an alert go off at Costco, to tell us that shrinkage containment is watching us? There's zero chance I'm going to try for a five fingered discount, so what difference does it make whether or not they're watching, which, they are.

But again from my travels MD is interesting on speed cams, the alert is going off for 1/4 mile etc., annoying the heck out of locals, who only slow down where the actual device is installed. They know because they live there.

The virus is sort of along the same lines, and yes, easier said than done. If everyone behaved like they had the virus, even when they do not, it would be contained. I get it, that's almost nonsense talk, rather it's theoretical.

So being human beings, maybe we still want to be alerted even if we're not going to do something wrong. It's all good.

Why use RLC POI file even if you don't run red lights?

RLC intersections tend to have a higher accident rate than non-RLC intersections, in part because of people slamming on their brakes to avoid tripping the camera, and also because these intersections are more likely to be busier. So I appreciate the alert as an indication to slow down and maintain more space ahead of me, as well as to be absolutely certain that my vehicle does not cross the stop line when the light is red.

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