Drivesmart 55 split up gpx's


After a road trip and the Drivesmart powered from the car, I went to download the gpx and the gpx files was broken up into 21 different files. It should be a single file. I also had my old Nuvi running simultaneously and it correctly had a single gpx for the trip. Further, at one point in the trip I noticed it said it lost satellite. Turned off and on but did not come on until several minutes later and it was very hot.Im suspecting the Drivesmart has a thermal issue and kept dropping satellite and thats whey the broken up gpx.
Any experience with this?

I had contacted support and asked me to send the gpx file but no response after 1 week. I think I should return the unit and try another as this one may be defective. Maybe the 65 since its bigger has better thermal properties?

The 3597 has a heat sensor

The 3597 has a heat sensor to shut it down web it overheats. If it's running that hot, set it down on the console or below the dash level to get it out of the sun.

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