Garmin XT and Mad Maps from 660


Happy 4th of July!

I just upgraded to the new Zumo XT from my 660, and gosh the display is awesome. No more having to wear dark shirts, .

However, in typical Garmin fashion, the software is a little crude with little documentation. During set up, it tells you to install Drive and Explore, but when you set up Explore, it says it would work with the XT. How normal for these guys.

My other issue is, I've been trying to move my Mad Maps collection from the 660 and moving the files to Garmin/POI on the XT but it's not recognizing them. I tried internal and external without success. I thought when I went from the 550 to the 660, I just copied and paste to the new 660 and they worked fine?

After that struck out, I went to the Garmin download page, and what a nightmare. Said the downloader doesn't work with Chrome, and suggests IE, FireFox, Edge, etc, so I install each one by one, and they still don't work. One error message after another. For as good as they are with hardware, they just cannot seem to figure out how to manage software at all.

I then downloaded GPSBabel to hopefully convert the GPI's to a GPX and although it says success, the resulting file has just an opening header:

<?xml version="1.0" encoding="UTF-8"?>


Has anyone had an success moving these files so they work on the new XT?