the new garmin express (stopped working )


I down loaded the new garmin express, and after a couple of days i could not get it to come up on my HP desk top computer. I had to get microsoft help and they took over my computer and said that the new up date was causing this. So i went back to the old one and no trouble! Has any one had this problem?

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The current version 7.0.1 works fine on my PCs.

What Windows version are you using?

Is your Windows up to date, particularly the .NET Framework?

When installing Garmin Express that failed, were there any popup cautions?

Works fine in Win 10

Works fine in Win 10 2004, but I haven't tried a Map Update yet.

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nET framework

Windows 10 does not automatically install or update .net framework. Download and install version 4.8 from Microsoft. This is the version they recommend:

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NET Framework

Installed a new SSD into the PC a few days ago and loaded a fresh copy of Win 10, then Garmin Express. Everything ran well.

clean install

I don't know whether Garmin Express needs net framework, but net framework is needed for many apps today.

In January, I downloaded Windows 10 from Microsoft and did a clean install for two PCs. Then I ran Windows Update for everything it wanted to download. No net framework came from Windows Update. I downloaded it manually from Microsoft.

That is not to say that today's copy of Windows 10 doesn't have net framework.

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feature upgrade 2004

The OP may be referring to Microsoft feature upgrade 2004, which has broken some apps on PCs of various configuration, and HP is one of them. Tech Support could have rolled back 2004 and installed the previous one.

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i have a windows 10. i

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i have a windows 10. i already have the down load 4.8 from mircrosoft & it still wont work. I will wait till the new version comes out unles there is something else i can try. Thank You. Webbie

Jerry Eckle