Current Covid-19 Data


I have found the definitive .csv source for daily COVID-19 updates if anyone is interested. They're being stored on GitHub in daily sequential files. Here's my PHP code to access the latest:

$date = date('Y-m-d');

$pdate = date('Y-m-d', strtotime($date .' -1 day'));

$curfile = "" . substr($date,5,5) . "-2020.csv";

// ex: 04-08 which equates to 04-08-2020.csv

if (!file_exists($curfile)) {

$curfile = "" . substr($pdate,5,5) . "-2020.csv";

// ex: 04-07 which equates to 04-07-2020.csv


This .csv is by U.S. County and I use it here:

... and consolidate it for a State view here:

I hope this helps someone out there!


Who is updating the csv files?
What data sources are they relying on?

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Johns Hopkins

Johns Hopkins - The Center for Systems Science and Engineering

Everybody is using their data, they are the source:

I'm also serving up this cleaned up data from my server for both County and State in GeoJson, again, if anybody here is interested...

Covid info

Covid Fraud

Hell, maybe it is BS, but I'm a numbers guy and the data is interesting so I figure out how to grab it and let people decide what to make of it.