anybody have their home reassesed last year?


Where I live the houses were reassessed and mine doubled.

It's unprecedented because I've lived here since 2002.

My buddy said you had better hope the mil rate is adjusted or your s******.

I didn't do anything illegal, have no improvements, etc.

3 years ago at lunch one guy says to the other you put an addition and inground swimming pool in without permits, what are you gonna do if you get reassessed? And the guy said I won't let anybody in to look around, half joking.

Apparently they use drones.

I actually am one of those people who feel a flat out 4% increase every year is unfair. But apparently now it will go up much more than 4% for 2021.

property tax

I have paid more in taxes then I payed for my house 3x plus. I bought the house in 1973 for $26,500, the area around me developed quit a bit now they tell me its worth $300,000 my taxes were $75 when it started now it $4,000 a year. I haven't done a lot to it other then regular maintance paint, roof , new furnace I put a garden in and grow vegetable's and berries and one tree these taxes are crazy ! if a new business moves around the should pay the extra taxes, the 5-6 new senior housing building's that hold 300-400 people each were built in the last 3-4 years should pay the extra taxes, the new Walmart should have to pay the extra taxes ! I know it takes a bigger police department and fire station, road crews, medical units, schools ! but only because of all the new businesses that have moved here, the amount of people that have moved here. I know I have to pay taxes but I think a lot of the money just lines the pockets of our politicians as they so proudly give tax breaks to new business that move into the area !

My parents property more than doubled

We had a 1951 farm house the Parents built sitting on 22 acres. It was farmed (fruits and vegetables) up to about 45 years ago. It was initially assessed for 175K. It assessed last year before we had to sell it because Mom passed away for 400k. There have been NO improvements in a very long time other than normal wear and tear. No additions, no new siding, no new roof, etc. The bad thing about this is the town assessor is our neighbor. He knows the house and has been in in and on the property. We got them to drop it to 300k which we felt was still to high. It didn't really matter because it was being sold. We helped the purchaser out.

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In March 2017 Delaware

In March 2017 Delaware County (Pennsylvania) was ordered by the Court to conduct a countywide property tax reassessment, effective for the 2021 tax year.

Last month I received my new assessment in the mail and it went up quite a bit but not doubled.

To be honest the assessed value is very close to what homes are selling for currently (before this coronavirus dealio which may affect housing values).

Also to be honest, the last assessment was at least 20 years ago.

They claim the assessment is to make sure everyone pays their fair share, so while some will see an increase, some may see a decrease, or even stay the same once the millage rates are also adjusted.

I'll believe it when I see it of course.

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First house

When I bought my first house (a long time ago) I only paid $22,000 for it, I replaced all the wires and plumbing.
I just saw it sold for $595,980 on Zillow.
Can't believe that it went up that much. Hate to think what the taxs are on it now.

Don't sweat the petty things and don't pet the sweaty things!

Reeling in Property Taxes

Sounds like you guys need a Calif Prop 13 type thing to limit property tax increases.

That, or we all need to do a Boston Tea Party!