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Finally was in an area with significant traffic. Smartphone link app on phone showed connected to Garmin. Icon for connection showed on the Garmin. The traffic info received was very generic, such as Accident on I10. No east/west bound, no mile marker etc. Not very useful IMO. Do I have some setting wrong or am I just expecting too much?

A second, maybe same issue, the Smartphone link app on the Garmin didn't show the phone as connected but I did receive traffic and the traffic setting show Smartphone link.

If the app didn't show a

If the app didn't show a connection, and in settings>bluetooth the phone wasn't connected, then you were getting only the Garmin Traffic via a FM station.

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Red/yellow designation on traffic indicator

Usually, Smartphone Link will show you a red or yellow marker on the up-ahead indicator shown on the traffic panel (at the right side of the navigation map). It will also give you an estimate of the delay. The main thing I have found is that often the incident has cleared by the time I reach the congestion point, but not always. On a few occasions where it showed a red mark with a delay over 5 minutes, I rerouted before I reached the incident.

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No joy with YouTube

I often find that watching a YouTube helps understand some of the features of Garmin On The Road devices but a 5-10 minute search for what I'd call a great in-use video of the Smartphone Link app display in a Garmin device left me without a single link to suggest. sad

I suggest you use it more to get a better feeling for its use and especially use it with an active route where you may hear your Garmin state things like traffic ahead has added 12 minutes to your route.

The Smartphone Link app (or the app for the newest Garmin devices with a different app name) by far give the best and most widespread traffic advice compared to the older FM and HD Traffic offered on many Garmin models.

Pretty sure I was using

Pretty sure I was using Smartphone traffic since the Garmin traffic setting show Smartphone as the traffic provider. Didn't think about looking at the display to see traffic delays since the audio alert was for an accident. Strange to have to take eyes off road to determine the extent of an alert. Will check the display next time.