Garmin Express v6.19.4.0 Is Here


Install complete

Install complete, no apparent problems.

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No problems.


Got it

Just updated on my Windows 10 machine.

Thanks for letting us know.

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Downloaded on Win 10 laptop

No issues so far.

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First time ever...

..that I've had an issue with updating GE. After several tries, I had to completely reinstall GE. Everything seems to be working fine now.

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Installing now. smile


Downloading now...

Garmin Express v6.19.4.0!!

Download complete. Thank you

Update done .

Always like to have the latest.

Thanks for the heads up

No issues here.

Thanks for the heads-up Nats50...

installed and working great. smile

What does it offer

What does it offer functionality wise, other than it being newer?



6.19.4 changes unknown (at this time)

Garmin has not updated Release Notes since 6.19.2.

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Not a lot

sunsetrunner wrote:

What does it offer functionality wise, other than it being newer?

Invariably nothing for us, Express updates are generally to resolve issues with their sport, fitness and cycling devices, having said that latest release notes

•Addressed an issue causing map update failures that users could encounter during the download process.

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Good to know, thanks

Good to know, thanks



I got it !

thanks, got it.............

thanks, got it.............