Asheville, NC Restaurants


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Last updated 07/22/2007

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This is but a minority of restaurants in Asheville. With a nickname like "the Paris of the South" you know we have some good restaurants! I wanted to take a little time to improve on the pathetic Garmin listings though. My c550 does a better job than my my friend's c340 when it comes to listing local shops/restaurants, etc but it lists way too many chain restaurants and way too few good local venues. So here are just some that you may want to add to your GPS if you visit this beautiful area!

I had trouble adding some restaurants because Garmin didn't recognize the addresses (ugh!) so my apologies to those I left off for that reason. And some may object to my selection but hey, it's my selection & my time! I haven't been to all of these restaurants -- I've tried to pick those friend recommended and I've indicated my personal favorites in the comments sections.

I'm brand new to this GPS customization thing so please forgive me if I screw this up!