Red Light Cameras & Accidents


Cleveland, Ohio Red Light Cameras Increase Accidents
Accidents increase 40 percent at intersections with red light cameras in Cleveland, Ohio.

Accidents are increasing at the seven intersections monitored by red light cameras in Cleveland, Ohio. According to statistics obtained by WEWS-TV, the photo enforced intersections experienced 28 collisions before the devices were installed compared to 39 afterward. Akron attorney Warner Mendenhall, who is arguing against traffic cameras before the Ohio Supreme Court, told WEWS that the results reflect the program's true motivation.

"It's very clear that safety is not the issue," Mendenhall said. "There are studies throughout the country that show accidents actually increase." (View studies)

Cleveland Results: Number of Collisions at Monitored Intersections
Intersection Before After
Clifton Boulevard and West 11th Street 2 6
Clifton Boulevard and West 104th Street 0 3
Chester Avenue and East 55th Street 15 20
St. Clair Avenue and London Road 2 1
Lakeshore and East 159th Street 1 0

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Don't Like Them!

I don't like them, and never will, but they are not going away. I almost got rear-ended last week due to a light change. If I had stopped like I should, I would have got busted in the rear end.....still waiting to see if I got a ticket, or the other guy may have.
There are too many cameras already out there, several(?) manufactures of the cameras, and a lot of employees. I don't think they are going to shut down, or close the manufacturing facilities of these cameras, and lay-off that many employees. It could happen, but I don't think so. There is a good side, and bad side to them.

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I wasn't too happy when

I wasn't too happy when Georgia decided to implement them. But i have to say. People DO NOT run red lights anymore.

On the good side, they will only give you a ticket if your car crosses the white line when it’s red. If you make it over the line while it’s still yellow you won’t get one.

I know there was a problem in some areas, were you would get a ticket if you didn’t clear the intersection in time.

Also, i think the point is to reduce traffic fatalities from cars getting t-boned. Rear-end collisions rarely result in a fatality.

As much as I believe red

As much as I believe red light cameras are another tool as it relates to traffic safety I have not seen it change the driving habits of the public at large. Speed cameras are coming on board as well and that will be interesting to see what happens.

Two problems in today's society are folks not preparing to stop generally, let alone at an intersection and due to overloaded infrastructures no one wants to sit waiting for another traffic light cycle. So, it's off to the races.

As noted, it is not a red light violation if you have already crossed the Stop line, not the pedestrian safety stripes. When I stop folks, I have watched the light cycle through and then look at the front tires of the vehicle. The usual defense is "it was yellow" My professional response is, "it may have been so when you were looking up at it prior to the Stop line but you had to look back down in order to drive". End of discussion. Sign here. smile

If it is all calibrated correctly

If it is all calibrated correctly you won't get a ticket if you make it over the line on yellow.

I prefer getting my ticket the same way I write person and by hand.

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