just downloaded new city nav nt 2008


got my cd yesterday and downloaded the new update to my nuvi 350- it took about 2 hours but it seems to be working well and is updated-- the new starbucks was just built about 4-5 months ago and it is in the new update.

Joe, did it come with your

Joe, did it come with your new device or did you have to order it? I have been reading where some are getting it sent to them free of charge since they just purchased their GPS units.


Just got my new 2008 NT

Just got my new 2008 NT delivered yestersay, as well. Installed it and it took about an hour. I was so surprised because they said it would be sometime in August but I got it only 4 days after the told me it would be after August and they shipped it 2-day air. I can't wait to see if it has new maps in my area that weren't there last year.

I ordered it

I bought my garmin on the 11th and looked at garmins website and found that there was an update on the 12th so I emailed them and they responded by sending me my free upgrade CD