POI Loader Problems!


Hello everyone! First time poster here.

I was trying to download the Garmin POI loader tonight and I'm just having a heck of time with this. I must be missing something.

I think I downloaded the loader, but when I click on "run as", and then "run", it brings up a message for me that reads... "WinZip Self Extractor header corrupt. Possible cause: bad disk or file transfer error." When I click on "Open", and then "Run", it brings up the unzipping of the POI Loader Web Update. I've done this several times, and still nothing!

I'm not sure what I'm doing wrong. I thought this would be fairly easy, but after repeated attempts at re-downloading it, etc., it keeps giving me this message. By the way, when I double click on running this, it always seems to want me to install it where I have to click on the agreement pages. I also get to a page that reads, "Setup of Garmin POI loader complete! You can now load maps to your Garmin GPS using POI Loader." After I click on the "done" tab, it brings me to my c-drive (C:\Garmin\PoiLoader.exe), and nothing happens.

I have a feeling that I am just missing something and I'm not doing something correctly here. Please don't laugh if it's something really simple and easy!! LOL.

Any advice or suggestions in laymens terms would be greatly appreciated!


Did you try

Double clicking on PoiLoader.exe? That should bring up the PoiLoader window.

If your GPSr is attached via the USB port, after clinking on Next, you should see a with a button "Find Device" After clicking on the button, you should see, in the Device: widow, GARMIN (a drive letter:\)

Click on the Next button and follow the instructions.

If the PoiLoader window did not come up after double clicking on the file PoiLoader.exe, try reinstalling the program.

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It works!!

Thanks for your help!

I'm not sure what happened, but I got it to work a few hours ago.