Hi, Basecamp 4.7 not working at my HP Laptop Windows 10, what can I do for fix it. thanks

BaseCamp 4.6.2

Windows BaseCamp V 4.7.0 has some other problems, although it should install and run on Windows. But you would be better off sticking with the older version V 4.6.2. You can find a copy of the Basecamp 4.6.2 on the Perry Garmin Archive site:

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Hi thanks a lot. Now with Basecamp version 4.6.2 I can utilize Basecamp.


I didn't even realize that Garmin was still supporting Basecamp.

But then again, I haven't used my Handheld GPS for land based excursion for several years.

I don't think they are,

I don't think they are, 4.7.0 is that latest I have. I don't really use it becuase it doesn't suit my needs. I can create a multipoint route on the GPS faster than using BaseCamp. One day I'll get around to deleting it and the saved map on the Laptop.

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Although the Mac version has recently been updated to 4.8.3 ...

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Just updated my HP laptop to

Just updated my HP laptop to 4.7 and no problems.

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I have 4.7 on my HP laptop and cannot figure how to use it. Maybe this is why. Will have to try the older version.


Thanks for the info......

Did you check the software

Did you check the software requirement?
needs OpenGL 1.3 supported Video Card and
Microsoft® .NET framework 4.6 runtime.

Good to know

Good to know