freeze LCD display


I know Gamin has temperature specifications wonder if anyone ever had one freeze up from cold or die because of heat?


Not mine

I have mine vent mounted in the car year round. It was -4 the other day, no problems, and in the summer the car sits in the driveway in the sun even if the outside temps are 90+, no problems.

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Heat seems to affect them more than cold

I have never had an incident with mine from the cold, but I did have one fade out one time because of the heat. I took it down from the dash and put in in front of the AC vent. In a couple of minutes, it came back to life.

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I've had my 3790 die from the heat. Some time in front of the AC vent revived it.

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I've had a Unit shut down

I've had a Unit shut down with a "Too Hot" warning pop up on screen. It may have been the 2555.

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No issues in the cold

I leave mine in the car all the time and never had a problem even when it gets to -35C or lower. Don't know about the heat, it never gets that hot here.


it may be an actual spec, but before I had found that many electronic devices like -4 F to 113 F, for storage, not usage. that's not a wide range at all--leaving something in the car can easily exceed 113 F in the summer.

Until this past week, -4 F is a safe bet. But again, this is not usage, this is storage. I would think Garmin is similar.