Is there a limit on Saved locations?


I have a Garmin 2557LMT I use for work and Save locations frequently for future reference. Typically a customer location. I back these up by uploading them to Garmin Basecamp.

Right now there are about 580 Saved location (plus 50 saved Routes). I'm wondering if I might hit a limit someday for a number of these the unit can have saved, does any exact limit exist? I also have a lot of POI files I upload to the unit.

By the way I'm in the camp which will always have a dedicated GPS on the dash, uninterrupted by phone calls or other Apps. Its a small price to pay for something that's core information to my driving and designed for that purpose.


The limit for Saved Places/Favorites on your model nuvi is 1000. See

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A thought.

I would suggest that if you are worried about reaching the limit on saved locations you might think about extacting some of the leeser locations and creating a file to be uploaded via POILoader and then you can still access them when needed on the GPS.

I never get lost, but I do explore new territory every now and then.

Thank you 'alandb' and good

Thank you 'alandb' and good suggestion 'KenSny', I could do that with my more "permanent" saved points. Otherwise I like being able to edit the names and Icons on-the-fly for these particular saved locations.