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i had acquired the status of active user sometimes in january 2007.. i then could not logon to the system for about 18 weeks and now i seem to have lost my active user status..

is that possible.. what period of inactivity causes a user to lose his active user status.. ?? or does one always have to maintain it by doing 3 postings every 5 weeks...



My understanding is that you need to remain active on the site in order to maintain active status. Too much time passes and you will again need to re-gain status.

See the FAQ


How do I become an active member?

Becoming an active member is completely free.

You automatically become an active member when you've made posts in at least 3 of the last 5 weeks. Activity includes uploading POI files and/or posting in the discussion forums.

The weekly posting periods run Monday through Sunday (GMT). Active member status is updated once each week (on Monday mornings).

If timing of your first post is lucky (Saturday or early Sunday), you can become an active user in just a little more than 2 weeks. :)

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