BC-30 Only Works in Landscape


I installed a BC-30 backup camera last week and was surprised when it popped up and said only works in Landscape and asked for OK or Cancel. Cancel went back to maps and OK switched my 2689 to landscape but did not switched back when I put the truck in forward. I have gotten to like running my GPS in portrait, the map of where I'm going shows more real estate. It also fits the spot on the dash better.

I searched all over and found no reference to only working in landscape, so I chatted with Garmin, they confirmed. I suggested that since they seem to have the ability to switch it why can't they switch back when I'm not in reverse. I don't mind rotating the display when I really need a good review, that is easy, switching back to portrait requires multiple layers of menus. They said they would put in a software request, bet that change will show up soon.

I know I could probably return it but I do like it when I need it so I will get use to running landscape again. Thought I would vent so at least one places points out this limitation. I had a choice of moving the GPS to the top of the dash or to the sun visor to run landscape without blocking my radio. My sun visor mount is suppose to show up tomorrow, I'll see how it works out, I don't like top of the dash because it blocks my view.