dezl 760LMT No Truck apps?


I purchased this device because it references trucking applications right out of the box. Am I missing something? Did I get bit? WHat is up with this? It's a good road unit in my pick up, but I plan on moving it into my Freightliner when it is delivered. Garmin site also says it's "Discontinued" any answers would be greatly appreciated.

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Not sure what your question is really but here goes..

Here is a link which shows some of the features

Basically it has more information the normal driver wouldn't need such as road restrictions and height restrictions. I can't tell you how many times I've seen a tractor-trailer get stuck by turning on the wrong road or going the wrong way.

Wouldn't necessarily be a bad sign it's been discontinued since all models at some point are and a newer model replaces them. I just looked on Amazon and the reviews for this model seem pretty good.

If you got a good price looks like you spent well and should be happy with it.

You can still download POI's from this site onto it. If long hauling you can download truck stops, red light and speed cams, restaurants you like and hundreds of others.

If you switch to truck mode

If you switch to truck mode and program a trucks dimension, you will get shortcuts to truck apps.

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