VOODOO Doughnuts


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Last updated 05/02/2018

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Includes 8 locations in the following areas:

  • United States: CA, CO, FL, OR, TX

The first Voodoo Doughnut was opened in Portland,OR and now there are 3 locations in Portland,OR. They have expanded and now have locations in Eugene,OR, Denver,CO, Austin,TX, Los Angeles,CA and recently opened a location at the Universal City Walk in Orlando,FL.

They offer more than 50 different doughnuts, such as Bacon Maple Bar, Portland Cream, Voodoo Doll and many others.

I suggest that you view their web page to see what all is available for purchase. My mouth is watering looking at the menu and since they don't ship, I may have to go over to Orlando to satisfy my cravings.