POI for truck stops that are RV friendly (Gas)


I usually try to get to Flying J's that are RV friendly (Separate GAS Island for RV'ers), but occasionally I run into Flying J's without the RV island.

Has a POI been created for Flying J's/Pilot's that is RV friendly for GAS?

Another reason for use of the Flying J is for the Extra .05 off I get on the gallon. (Adds up on a long trip)

Thanks in advance for the link!

POI for Truck Stops

The Flying J and Truck Stop POI's have RV Islands annotated.

POI for truck stops

I accidently ran across this site for POI's, so thanks for your comment.

Would I be able to edit the file to delete the NON RV island truck stops?

Please note I haven't even downloaded the file yet.

Sure, you will need a

Sure, you will need a program that can handle a .csv type file, spreadsheet. See the FAQs under the LEARN tab on how to create or edit POI fils.

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