Scary 70 car pile-up in Iowa

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What a terrible sight.

Been there, done that

I was in Wyoming a few years ago when it was hit with an unusual early winter storm. Brutally cold, hard snow, wind blowing the snow at 90º. Near total whiteout conditions. One of these accidents happened right in front of me. It was me in my car, the car in front of me, then 30+ vehicles in a huge pile up. It was terrifying watching the rear view mirror until there was a buffer of numerous vehicles safely parked behind me.

I was driving slow, compared to the rest of traffic. It was very slippery. Temperature was dropping rapidly. I saw some cars go past me at high speed, only to then go flying off the road not much further up. Crazy. Figured people out there knew how to drive in these conditions. We sat still for a couple hours, tires froze to the road. Luckily, there was an exit nearby and we were able to redirect and get going. It was scary watching tandem trailers sliding backwards down the hill on the opposite side of the highway.

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I can't believe that one person got out of his car and just stayed in the road while other cars kept pulling on. I think he eventually went off to the side. Just when I thought it was over, several more cars came in at high speed.

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We get that in Tucson

If we just get a little ice, not 70 cars, but a few

I got a few questions, why

I got a few questions, why is everyone driving so damn fast? Do they think their car will stop on a dime? I see some cars don't even slow down at all. They just slam into the pileup. What is the driver doing in the car? Checking Facebook?

What about the semis

Those last two that hit the shoulder were hauling a$$. These guys do this for a living. They should know better. (OK, Bob... Reference


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I've seen them, thank God I've never been apart of them.

Winter Driving is ALWAYS a Crapshoot

A blizzard blew through Calgary Alberta last Saturday (February 3), and they had to close Deerfoot Trail - the main north-south freeway in the city. Calgary gets some scary winter weather, but as far as I know that was the first time the entire length of the Deerfoot has been closed.

More than 125 separate collisions and 19 people transported to hospital.