Confused by proximity alerts


I uploaded several POI files into my c320. The POI loader only allows one setting, express or manual, for all the POIs it loads in. My question is, now how do I get the Garmin to alert me whenever I approach a red light camera or a rest stop, but not every time I approach a Home Depot? Also do I need to run POI Loader in manual mode in order for it to set the proximity alerts at all?

default alerts

POI loader will automatically set alerts if the file name conains certain keywords like redlight. Click on help in POI loader and look in the appendix for more details.


Another way I found is to

Another way I found is to build the poi file manually for the ones you want to have prox alarms for; plug 'er into the PC and rename the POI file to say, "POI1" so it won't be overwritten, then next upload your collective POIs in auto mode, or manually and deselect the prox alarm (just to be sure)...

I like to upload and rename my poi's all separately anyway; thataway I can remve specific big ones depending on my daily 'needs' smile

hope that helps-

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