FCC Blocks Law Enforcement Inquiry Into Fake Neutrality Comments


The FCC is refusing to aid a law enforcement investigation into who submitted millions of fake comments in support of the FCC's planned rollback of net neutrality rules. New York Attorney General Eric Schneiderman has been conducting an investigation into the millions of fake comments (some belonging to dead people) submitted in support of the FCC's attack on net neutrality. In an open letter several weeks ago, Schneiderman's office said that despite 9 inquiries made during a six month period, the FCC refused to aid his office's inquiry in any capacity.

On Monday of this week, Schneiderman's office issued a statement indicating that the FCC Inspector General's office might cooperate in the wake of public pressure.

But on Thursday FCC general counsel Thomas Johnson sent a letter to Schneiderman refusing to hand over any data, server logs or API details that could help the investigation shine a light on the identity of the culprit(s).

Johnson stated that "while your letter suggests that the public comment process was somehow 'corrupted' by the alleged submission of comments under false names, you offer no evidence that this activity affected the Commission’s ability to review and respond to comments in the record."

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