Verizon / AOL Email Users Take Note:


Anyone here at the Factory with a email address through AOL who uses a 3rd party email client like Outlook Express, should check out this link:

Changes to your 3rd party email client connection settings must be made by 11/7/17.

Email messages about this were supposedly sent to all Verizon / AOL email customers but I know of several (including myself) who did not get this message.


Thanks for putting this out there. I am another that never received notice.

I received that email also.

I received that email also. It sounds like they just want to make sure that customer's port settings have been set properly if a third-party email client is used. I use Mozilla Thunderbird as an email client. These incoming and outgoing port settings have been made available for a long time. They were also made available when Verizon acquired AOL and starting using the newly acquired AOL servers. Nothing new...

I checked my port settings when I received that email just to be sure they are correct ... and they are correct.

Politicians and Diapers must be changed often for the exact same reason...

I did the same

a couple of days ago. All seems to be OK. My ports were OK. For some reason I had been using and for the past few months. Not sure why I would have changed them from the VZ addresses?? Regardless, changed back to the VZ addresses and everything feels pretty much the same apart for requesting all passwords to be re-done.

(Using Eudora/Thunderbird)

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