Microsoft Announces Windows Bounty Program


Microsoft announced a new Windows Bounty Program that will pay researchers up to $250,000 for finding and disclosing security vulnerabilities.

The bug bounty program will task researchers with focusing on a few key areas: Hyper-V, Mitigation bypass, Windows Defender Application Guard, Microsoft Edge, and all features made available via the Windows Insider Program. Payouts depend on where a vulnerability is found and how severe it is. A minor vulnerability in Edge pays $500; a critical vulnerability in Hyper-V can pay up to $250,000. That's quite the range.

Prease to read more here:

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That's awesome. Wish I knew how to find some vulnerabilities!

maybe I can go in halfsies

maybe I can go in halfsies with a microsoft programmer. He creates a backdoor and I report it... Cha Ching!!!

Sign me up

I'd love to try a stab at that nice chunk of change!