Little Known Fact About This Year


Here's an interesting fact for anyone into numerology:

If you add your age to the year you were born, the total will be 2017!

You must use the age you will become this year.

This happens only once every 1000 years.

Can't tell if this is a joke or not...

Can't tell if this is a joke or not because this works for every year and not just every 1000 years.

Next year, you will be another year older and the total will 2018, etc.

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It's sort of a joke. I omitted the link in my first post

It was pretty funny but the link the above refers to is broken.


1. only works if your birthday this year has passed (persons born in 1900:: are both 1016 and 1017 today)
2. will never add to 2017 except this year (and next for those who's birthday has not yet arrived)
3. in general matches the level of BS available

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