I-64 Project St. Louis


I am fairly new to this site. So if (locally named highway 40)recently was discussed I beg your pardon. This sea of misery is to go on for another year or two. The Garmin Nuvi 350 & Nuvi 660 are great in ordinary scenarios. But I wonder if the good folks at Garmin have seen this mess here as well as Alton route Missouri 367 north, which is my way home. Nuvi currently is having me turn left on Norma Lane which is no more.

I have found that the Nuvi brothers for the most part get me to my destination. Finally I used the British voice Emily, she pronounces most locations correctly unlike the us voice. That is it for my first participation in the forum. Live Direct

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Welcome to the site, it is

Welcome to the site, it is nice to have you here;)

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Thank you

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Yeah, I have had issues with the nuvi in DC where they are constantly rebuilding/adding roads. However, I never got completely lost, even up there. If it tells me to take a wrong turn, I keep going and it recalculates and I am on my merry way. I have noticed that the DC area is much better with the new maps (v2008)

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My parents still live in St Louis and it is a mess. Every time I visit I get a headache when driving. However, having been to Atlanta recently I'll never complain about St louis area traffic again. Welcome to the site.

I-64 Project St. Louis

Live Direct
Welcome aboard you will enjoy this site and far as your trip to or around St Louis MO i found that if you take 70W to 270W you will bypass all that night mare traffic in St Louis i just got back from there and it is a nitemare

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