Whwn is it time?


My nuvi 1450 has been around for a while. Having problems programing, turns "off" to download maps. hasn't "talked" to me for a while with the TourGuide program. And it is probably Garmin doing this "but I don't like seeing a hundred miles wide map displayed. Some other things but I was wondering when is it time for a change? She still works, mostly BUTTT. Any hints? TIA


Have you tried doing a master/hard reset on the unit to see if it makes a difference? Try downloading the new map that has just been released a few days ago. 100 mile map, can you not zoom in? Myself, I'm still using a 1390T, still works but looking at upgrading to a Drivesmart 51 LMT-S but not in a rush to get one.


I have done the reset and the map changes quite often. That's Garmin, I am sure.