Tim Hortons


N 42*-47'-23.47"/W 78*- 48'- 49.02" Mile Strip Rd. Hamburg,NY. A new store.


Please be advised that

Please be advised that mahoney (member of this forum) maintains Tim Horotns POI file. Next time please contact him for any updates on Tim Horotons POI file. I will send him this update because I am not sure if he would read this thread or not.

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Possible missing location.

Thanks for the input. However, the file already shows a location at 4408 Milestrip Rd, but according to the website locator, it is in Blasdell,NY, not in Hamburg,NY. The coord that I have in the file show it to be back further into the mall stores. Using google earth, I see a note on a location near the road with a sign stating Tim Hortons coming soon. I will correct the file to show that location.
The coord that I obtained are -78.813694 42.790153

Please let me know if this is the location.

UPDATE-No response from the author of this location. I changed the file as noted above.