Microsoft Advises You Not To Manually Install The Windows 10 Creators Update


Microsoft released the Windows 10 Creators Update earlier this month with new gaming features, creative apps, and other improvements. Now the company has offered some details about the update's rollout and said you shouldn't manually install the update via the Windows 10 Update Assistant.

( for the record, I built up a Windows Creators Update system manually for some folks I know and had no problems to speak of. Finding suitable drivers for some hardware was a pain in the tail, but it seems to be happy now!)

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My hat to them, but it makes e think this is not quite ready.

Oh really...

Crap. I did it manually last night, as Windoze kept erroring out at 10% on the install in WU.

I rebooted to Linux Mint, and didn't bother to see if it screwed anything up.

Dammit, MS! mad

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