Firefox 48 Released With Multi-Process Electrolysis Architecture, Expanded Protection, UX Improvements


by Lucian Armasu August 2, 2016 at 4:05 PM - Source: Mozilla Blog

Mozilla released Firefox version 48, which includes the long-awaited and much-delayed Electrolysis multi-process and sandboxing architecture. It also includes expanded protection against unwanted and uncommon downloads as well as some user experience improvements.

Mozilla has been working on turning Firefox into a browser that can handle one process per tab since 2009. It has been a long and painful road to make Electrolysis work in Firefox, in large part because Mozilla wasn’t written from the ground-up as a multi-process browser like Chrome was. Its add-on model also makes it difficult to have such an architecture without breaking everything.

The main benefit of Electrolysis right now is that it separates the browser UI from the content into two main processes. This feature means a heavier page shouldn’t slow down the whole browser anymore when it’s loading.

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looks like it will have some good features

Hopefully it won't increase overall load on the OS.

Thanks BBa

Just did the update on two laptops.

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A Trusted Root Certificate Authority In Firefox 50

Let’s Encrypt To Become A Trusted Root Certificate Authority In Firefox 50

Never argue with a pig. It makes you look foolish and it anoys the hell out of the pig!

FF v48

Using v48 I have RSS feed live bookmarks that won't load-up: The BBC Headlines feed for example.

Re-installing v47.0.1 brings them back. They broke something with the latest version.

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I do a lot of streaming

I do a lot of streaming video (Acorn.TV subscriber and Youtube junkie).

I have tried Opera, Chrome, IE and Firefox over the years to find the best one that deals with an annoying occurrence when watching streaming video.. HTML5 has evolved in the latest Firefox versions to the point it really does a nice job.

The problem is the occasionally occurring network packet loss causes the streaming video hic-cups and if bad enough, breaks the connection entirely causing you to have to restart the video.

Having read several MIT papers on changes in protocol needed to deal with this problem were quite informative.

Mozilla is incorporating protocol changes in Firefox along with HTML5 to deal with this issue.. and in the most recent releases e.g. 47 and onward, my experience is a significant improvement in streaming video reliability.

I've yet to experience a dropped video stream connection with the latest versions of HTML5 due to packet loss. When network congestion occurs causing packet loss, it will pause at times, or pixelate when data rates are constrained, but Firefox automatically recovers and picks up the video stream, perhaps with jump in the video, but that is a far better improvement than with other browsers dropping the stream totally and having to restart the program.

While HTML5 is still in a state of transition, and some sites force use of Flash, the Firefox "Flash Control" add-on is a neat way to use HTML5 on sites where it will work and still be able to use Flash Player on sites that haven't adopted HTML5. It works great in the Firefox 64bit versions, but still has a few problems in 32bit Firefox.

Looking forward to the day Flash is history.

Well, I'm updating as I speak

Hopefully nothing breaks. wink