Cup Holder Mounts


I am interesting in hearing from anybody that has used cup holder mounts for their GPS or other mobile electronics. Until now, I have never seriously considered anything like this. However, with fewer places to mount devices in newer vehicles, I am reconsidering my choices. I was looking at the RAM Mounts RAM-A-CAN.[product_line][]=RAM-A-CAN%20II

Here is one from Lido Mounts.

Here are some from Arkon.

Hockey puck: the real Canadian solution

Used a hockey puck, eh. You'll need something smooth & flat glued to the puck, because they're not usually smooth enough for the suction cup. The self adhesive disk that Gamin may have included with your gps is perfect (except when used on your dash).

Use suction cup mount on top. Worked great for me when i had car with no good place to mount suction cup.

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My Take

I used a cup holder mount briefly in my 2003 Silverado. The cup holders in that vehicle were mounted low on top of the transmission tunnel in front of the console so I had to use a long extension arm to get the GPS up to a convenient height. The 14” arm made the GPS a bit unstable.

The mount works better in my 2012 Sierra where the cup holders are on top of the center console. No extension arm is necessary but the GPS is located a bit too far back from the dash for my liking. The same is true in my wife’s 2012 Suzuki Grand Vitara.

Every vehicle is different and has its own unique problems when it comes to mounting hardware. IMO, the cup holder design is acceptable if you don’t need rock solid stability and aren’t too concerned with the positioning of the GPS unit relative to the dash. I also have a hard time losing a spot for my beloved cup of coffee.

I’ve experimented with quite a few GPS mounts over the years. Although a bit pricey, a couple of more to consider are the Wedge Base which slips between the seat and console, and the floor type mount which attaches to one of the bolts that hold the seat to the floor of the vehicle. The aluminum rod can then be bent into a convenient position.

At close to $50, both these options are expensive however and will not work in all vehicles.


There is one more thing to consider. More you move GPS from windshield to inside of car than more inconvenient it will be to see. You will have to turn your head to see screen. In heavy traffic it can be nuance.

With GPS in lower left corner of windshield I basically can see screen with peripheral vision. With GPS mounted further inside you will have to move your head to look at screen. It may get distracting quite soon.


Great idea with the hockey puck. I'm going to make one.
Thank you!

Honourary Canadian?

grtlake wrote:

Great idea with the hockey puck. I'm going to make one.
Thank you!

I'd have to check to see if this will qualify you as an honourary Canadian. LOL

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Sometimes / Never

While I never use the CD player, I do use the cup holder so between cup holder and bean bag, the bean bag wins.

Still, an interesting item.