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Just a quick hello to the forum. New user of custom POIs and stumbled upon the POI Factory.

Long time GPS user...first one was TomTom software for an HP iPAQ personal data assistant with a BT connected GPS receiver. After many different models, today I use a BMW Navigator V on a K1600GTL.

I use the Garmin BaseCamp software for detailed planning of motorcycle rides. The motorcycle version of the Garmin allows you to create custom routes and download them to the GPS for turn-by-turn directions that are read to you via a headset in the helmet. Custom POIs seemed like a logical next step...

welcome nova20176!

You came to the right place!

dobs108 smile

Welcome aboard nova20176

There's tons of POI's for just about every interest & you'll soon see for yourself how friendly & helpful everyone is around here.

Have fun & when you have a chance browse our FAQ section that's really well done/maintained and where you can learn so much smile

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You will find quite a few motorcycle enthusiasts here, so you are in good company. smile

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Welcome aboard! smile

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I went Old School...Tom Tom 340XL in a Ram Mount on my Road Star smile

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Welcome aboard nova20176

I'm guessing you are in proximity to Ida Lee Park (Northern Virginia)?

Great site

This is really a great site. Lots of good info here ...

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Welcome Aboard!

I am sure you will find all kinds of great information here.

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Welcome to POI Factory

Welcome to POI Factory nova20176.

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Welcome Nova20176

There is a tremendous cumulative knowledge base here. I've learned a great deal over the years, and it's my "go to" when I have gps questions. That said, my thanks to all.

Get Ready

Get ready to ask questions and give answers. A great site for both. Enjoy and Welcome....

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Welcome to the POI Factory. There is a lot of help available here from some very smart people. smile


POI Factory adds great value

POI Factory adds great value to any GPSr purchase...and you get to make new friends to boot!


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For IBA rides, the additional POIs found here are a goldmine!


This is a great site!

My Nuvi is so much more useful after having found this place.

Welcome aboard!

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Yes. Leesburg, VA. Northern

Thank you for the kind welcome.

Yes. Leesburg, VA.

Northern Loudoun County has a lot of wineries and several new farm breweries. Great area, unless you get trapped in traffic on Rte 15 trying to get home at night. rolleyes