My rubber came off


I thought that would get your attention!

On the suction cup mount to the Nuvi 360 there is a black disc that you stick to your car and then the section cup sticks to that.

A while back ago, someone posted on how theirs came off. But not off the car. It came off the disc. So it was still stuck to the car and only the adhesive rubber foam stuff was left on the car and the disc was on the floor with no adhesive on it.

I thought this was something the poster was unique in and that it was a rare thing that probably would never happen.

Well it happened to me. It wasnt heat as my car is in the garage.

I wonder if this is a more common problem now?

I called Nuvi and they were happy to give me 2 more at no charge. But I wonder if it will happen again. There is nothing I can do to prevent this as its the adhisive side that sticks to the actual disc that is failing.

Get some

Loctite 'Power Grab on a Roll' tape, and put that on the disk and stick it... your dash... smile

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