St Joe Park in Missouri


I am looking a file(s) that has the trails for St Joe Park that is located in St Francois county,Missouri.

Can someone send me a link to them.

Note: I have check the DNR website for Missouri.

Big thanks.

May the Good LORD go with you David Fuller AC0RV<br> Skywarn M187201 <br>


If you're looking for maps with trails, you should check for their free Garmin compatible topo maps for your state. The map displays trails for a few, but not all parks/preserves. There is also a map on that site called "My Trails". I just took a look, and it shows tons of trails in St. Joe State Park. The 'My Trails' map is a transparent overlay map. On my Garmin handhelds, it overlays the trails on whatever 'main' map you have selected. These will work great on your eTrex 20.

Another great source for free maps that very often contain trails in parks/prerserves is You can select just your state or geographical area.

I use these with a Garmin GPSMAP 64s and eTrex 30 handheld, so they should work great on your eTrex 20, too. They do take up some storage space, so you would be well advised to purchase an 8GB or 16GB micro SD card to add to your eTrex 20. They are pretty dirt cheap these days. I use Garmin's BaseCamp software to manage the maps on my handhelds.

PDF Maps

I am not sure what setup you have, but a product that I use that is not available on my GPS is a product called PDF Maps by Avenza. This is a free app that works in the iPhone, Android and even Microsoft smartphones. They have tons of maps you can download and what I like is that it works with my smartphones GPS and doesn't require a data connection once the map has been downloaded. I use these mostly for Motor Vehicle Use Maps (MVUM) that are provided free from the National Park Service.

It would be nice if you could get these maps onto a GPS, but I have not found a way, and plus this way I don't need to carry another device with me once I head out to the woods on an ATV.

To check out this product, visit their home page at:

I know this is probably outside the scope of this forum, or even this site, but I have used this product for a few years now and love it.



Hey thanks, will check them

Hey thanks, will check them out

May the Good LORD go with you David Fuller AC0RV<br> Skywarn M187201 <br>