Combined RLC and Speed Camera File


Just curious if anyone has proposed a combined RLC and Speed Camera File?

I get double alerts because the same camera is listed in both files. A single file would eliminate this or am I missing something that everyone else knows?

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We want to know about combination cameras. When approaching the location both the speed alert and a red light camera alert are important. This belongs in both speed and red light camera files.

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So the speed camera alert shouldn't activate as long as you're at the speed limit or below? Mine activates regardless of the speed I am doing which is annoying.


Have you combined both the RLC and Speed Camera files into a single file? The only other way I can see double alerts is you have a proximity alert set for the speed camera file or it has a numeral in the file name. Numerals in file names are a signal to the GPS to treat the file as a speed alert so any speed above the numeral value triggers the alert.

Speed Cameras don't need an alert value as they have an internal value designating the speed limit at the camera location.

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I may have the proximity alerts set in the speed camera file. I'll reinstall the files and see what happens.