Improved Accuracy?


Improvement is relative

Interesting although I can't imagine improved accuracy for civilian use at this point is any more than splitting hairs. My old unit detects my speed and direction when I walk about 10 ft. Perhaps commercial use (e.g. surveying) or military use the speed to get to required accuracy will be improved.

NUVI 350

Better ionospheric correction, but not for your current unit

I think the main hope for appreciable better civil accuracy stems from the addition of a new civil frequency. Contrasting the arrival time at two frequencies allows a better estimate of ionospheric delay error from a given satellite to a given unit. However, obviously in order to get this benefit your receiver must both receive the extra frequency and do the math.

It doesn't.

So this is a hope for future improvement, not current, so far as civil use is concerned.

In some reception conditions the stronger signal strength my let your receiver use a satellite not otherwise available to it, which might give better reception geometry, so perhaps some help from that for current units.

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