Chit Chat Thread For The Week Of February 01, 2016


This is the place to talk about things that are not GPS related.

This thread will be closed on Monday and a new one will be opened.


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Have a great week!

Wishing all a great week!

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Hi Everyone...

Can you believe it…”Super Bowl 50" will be here in less than a week. When ”Super Bowl 1" was played, I was 20 years old, soon to be in the Army and eventually shipped out to Vietnam. That old adage “is” true… “Time really does fly when you’re havin’ fun”.

Stay safe and I’ll see ya next week…

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Good Morning

Have a great week everyone

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#4... grin

Feb 1st

Another Monday and a new month.
Enjoy all. Cheers


Chat for chit

Chat for chit

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Have a great week

Snowing this morning.

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Just took the garbage can out for pickup and it is cold and the wind is blowing . sad

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Starting to Look

For a new GPS'r. Gonna retire my old trusty 765T.

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Sun is out

looks like no rain this week, good as have to move

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Good Day

Be safe out there.

New week, new month...have a

New week, new month...have a good one.

Nice Day Today

Nice Day Today

Updating the maps for my

Updating the maps for my Garmin today.

It's Monday

Have a good week everyone

The week of February, 2016

Is something missing here???
grin grin grin

Have a great February week.

EDIT: On your toes this morining. I know it must be a job to read each and every post but I must say you are quick. grin

Have a great week, Mary

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Have a Safe and Great Week!


Good Monday to All

Have a good week.

Monday again

Have a safe and happy week............

Good Morning

Cold and windy here in Benson, AZ this morning. Hope everyone has a great week.

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Thanks all!

Enjoy the melting snowzilla!

Shovel It

Been shoveling it for several days after the 24 inch snowfall here. Good thing, too, that the temps are in the mid050's or higher.

Enjoy the week

Happy snow is starting to melt! Anyone watch the pro bowl?

Unseasonable Warm Weather

We woke up to 54 degrees. It will rain and get cold later.


Dang it's cold in Mesa, AZ (we're talking 48 degrees, not 20 below!)


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New week

Another Spring like day in Northern Kentucky. Have a great week everyone!


then Tuesday. Class over.

Be Happy

"If you want to be happy, be." Leo Tolstoy - Writer (1828 - 1910)


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Wet Monday

Wet here in Memphis but, better than snow or ice smile Everyone have a good safe week.


Snowed overnight, but melting now. Good!

Have a safe week out there, people.

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Happy Monday!

Ok, I guess the title is an oxymoron but a great week to all anyway.

- Phil

Happy week, y'all...

Warm and foggy this morning.

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Happy African-American History Month



Caucusing in Iowa.

I will be caucusing tonight ... always an interesting process every 4 years, especially when both parties have a contest like they do this year. Hopefully all the phone calls and emails will taper off after today.

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a nice week.

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Have a Good Week

Hopefully the weather will hold.


Drive safely!

Snow, snow, go away.....

Snow, snow, go away.....

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Just great weather the past couple of days and more to come ahead this week ! Be safe everyone.

Like the nice


Expect nothing!, appreciate benignity!

What a beautiful day!

Nice weather, everyone enjoy the week!

Mid Winter turn around?

Ground Hog Day? Superbowl Sunday? ... by the calendar of course.

Few of us here in the NE believe it because one traditional characteristic of the season is that it always seems to linger one month too long. We have a long established standard practice of not changing out of Blizzacks until April 15 Tax day.

FWIW enjoy, be it indoors or out! mrgreen

Checking in for new month.

Checking in for new month.

Have A Great Week


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Go Blackhawks

Go Blackhawks

Go Blackhawks

Cold here

Came to Phoenix for warmth but it's cold here.

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Come on spring!

Come on spring!

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Everybody have a great week.

Everybody have a great week.

All the worlds indeed a stage and we are merely players. Rush

Have a Great Week

Stay safe.

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