Can I customize the Map Buttons?


Can I customize the Map Buttons?

There are certain Garmin devices that will allow you to customize which buttons appear along the side of the map screen.

Customizable map buttons are available only on the following devices:
dezl 760, nuvi 2405, 2505, 3400, and 3500 series, zumo 350, and zumo 390.

The standard map buttons on all compatible devices are as follows:
a. Traffic
b. Mute
c. Stop
d. Phone (Bluetooth models only)
e. Detour
f. Exit Services
g. Where Am I?
h. Trip Computer
i. Map Layers
j. Brightness
k. Where To?
l. Skip {zumo 350 (see Note 1 below) and 390 only}
m. ecoRoute (compatiable models only)
n. Audible (nuvi and dezl models only)
o. Compass (zumo models only)
p. Fuel Settings (zumo models only)
q. Truck Map (dezl models only)
r. Trucking Search (dezl models only)

The Stop and Detour buttons are only available when you're in an active route.

The Exit Services button will only display while you're in an active route on a major highway or Interstate.

If the Traffic map button is disabled, you may still access the traffic page from the map menu button (three horizontal lines).

The Skip feature on the zumo 350 and 390 will allow you to skip your next waypoint without first navigating there.

Devices that are connected to a compatible Smartphone via Bluetooth will also have the following map button options:

Weather Radar
Traffic Cameras
Note: Weather Radar and Traffic Cameras require you to have an active subscription to the Advanced Weather and photoLive subscriptions through Smartphone Link.

Note 1:
If the skip option is not available on the zumo 350, update the software on the device by following the instructions in this article:{dc9ee940-c9f4-11e0-cf56-000000000000}

To customize the map buttons on a compatible device:

1. Touch Settings
2. Touch Map & Vehicle
3. Touch Map Buttons
4. Touch the map button to remove

The maximum number of buttons allowed is three for most devices while the zumo maximum is two.

1. Touch an empty button (displays as a +)
2. Touch the desired map button
3. Touch Save once the desired buttons have been set, or touch Cancel to discard changes and use the current map buttons, or touch Reset to Defaults to return to the default map buttons