InFocus Kangaroo (another tiny PC)


I spotted this new little $99 PC in the news a couple weeks ago:

It's a tiny "desktop" PC that includes Windows 10 and is about the size of a large smartphone.

Seems to belong somewhere near the same neighborhood as a "stick PC" or maybe a Raspberry Pi; add your own display, keyboard and mouse.

I imagine it might be fun to tinker with as part of a home entertainment system or maybe as an upsized alternative to OpenWrt on a router.

Anyway, I thought it was neat enough to share. smile



I'll watch the acceptance of this.


Interesting! More functional

Interesting! More functional than carrying a portable USB disk drive, but still limited to a secondary computer I would think.

It will be interesting to see how well-received this device will be.


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No Telling

No telling what we'll see in our lifetimes. When you think that computers took whole rooms & were developed at one or two locations in the US many decades ago ...