Nuvi 360 - Custom Icon and Custom Sound needed Tour Guide On


Just checking whether it is me or the software.

Using Simon Slavin's "Mac Garmin" tools, I converted a CSV Speed Trap file to GPX and associated each point with the appropriate Custom Speed BMP and the Speed Alert 2 MP3 from this very helpful website.

The GPX file shows each file correctly linked to the MP3 and Icon.

I then converted the GPX to the GPI and placed the GPI (and just the GPI) into the POI folder on my Nuvi 360.

I ran some short simulated routes to check. No success at displaying the icon, playing the sound and I lost my Garmin Bong and the Red Warning Bar at the top of the screen.

Stated thinking and checked my settings. I turned the Tour Guide from OFF to AUTO PLAY.

Success, I have my icon, custom sound and warning bar back. It appears that the POIs are now considered Tour Guide Points.

Though it is working, I am just wondering whether it is just a Nuvi 360 "characteristic" or did I do something "wrong"?


Ottawa, Canada

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It sounds like the software.

You might have to get in touch with Simon directly to clarify this.

(Speed alerts with mp3's and Icons work ok on the Nüvi 310 (the same manual covers the 310 & 360, so they presumably have a lot in common)).

I don't know if you're aware, but there is Beta MAC version of POI Loader at I have no idea what its capabilities are.

One thing that struck me: Does Simon's gpi creator implement the same "Magic Spells" as POI Loader regarding the file name? You might have to try actually setting the <proximity> statements for each entry. Also, IIRC - Simon 'invented' his own <speed> statement as well.

In Garmin's world, tourguides are defined by more "magic" - the presence of the phrase TourGuide in the mp3 file name. It could be that Simon has taken all mp3 files to be Tourguide files (especially in the absence of <proximity> statements).
BTW the only major difference between TourGuide audio and 'normal' mp3's, is that you get to 'control' them - usually, they just play once, from beginning to end.

As an aside, Garmin's POI Loader doesn't honour multiple <link> statements - just the first one it sees. If you want multiple associated, files, you have to link to a directory containing them. Simon's approach is both logical and valid - (unlike Garmin's ;-) but you might need to be aware of the issue for the future.)

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