When do you use your standalone GPS and when would you use phone instead


I've been a big fan of the Garmin nuvi products over the years. I'm currently using a 2598 LMT enhanced by the garmin smartphone link for additional traffic.

I've been really trying to find a reason to use my garmin for day to day driving in the Bay Area but can't objectively favor it over Google Maps on my iPhone. The traffic on Google Maps, especially on surface streets is SO much better. Truly no comparison.

I guess I'm going to have to just use the nuvi for long road trips where cell reception may be poor or non-existent. I'm curious to know how other people feel about this topic.

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mostly garmin

Long trip vs short trip

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Thanks for the Information

Thanks to everyone that provided a response to my earlier questions. I think I have a better understanding of why and when people use their smartphones as GPS units.

Funny thing, we went to Calgary (The Big City) on Monday. I didn't need the GPS for the drive in, but tried to set it up after our first stop... and the nuvi didn't work!

So I pulled out my Galaxy and checked out HERE laugh out loud .

The smartphone app was helpful in a pinch. But after I reinstalled the most recent update, I'm back to using the standalone GPS.


Using the standalone almost exclusively.
Better visibility, phone less accurate and uses more power than comes in over the charger shock
For walking in a city though - phone as it's with me anyway smile

I use the stand alone always...

don't have a smartphone smile

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i once had a smart phone

But it liked to put random words in my sentences so now it's a stupid phone razz

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only use the smart phone for back up.

I find it very difficult to

I find it very difficult to read my smartphone when drivng. i always use my nuvi. It works great for my purposes. I use the cellphone as a backup or when I forget my gps. That is rare.

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Used Both

On a recent 600+ mile trip, I used my TomTom Via 1535TM and the Gas Buddy app on my smartphone. I set the TT to my final destination to keep track of my arrival time there and to find rest areas (with our combined rest area POI) along the route. I used the Gas Buddy app to find the best prices for gas. Then I'd select "navigate to" and check how much time/distance to that station. I also used Yelp and Google Maps to check out restaurants where I thought I would stop for lunch and dinner. It was a good combination for me. I like the TT Via for normal driving and I like the real-time information for gas and restaurants.

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Try to use my iPhone

...particularly when I'm going to a meeting or such and all the details are already in my iPhone calendar -- just tap on the target address and I get directions.

I'll keep trying it every so often; part of the issue is that I'm not as used to following the different style of directions from the iPhone. I've been using the Garmin so long that I don't remember the startup issues I had with using it for nav.

'l often use my garmin for nav and bring up Waze on my iphone if traffic sucks.

I also use a fun (for me at least) iPhone app called "Fog of World" that tracks how much area you've explored.

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standalone gps

I never use my phone

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Use Both, Leaning More Towards the iPhone

I have Garmin North America in the iPhone, so there's resident maps and database in the event of no cell service. I also use a Garmin GPSMAP 64S loaded with City Navigator. I have a super minimal case on the iPhone 6, and then I use a small hook & loop patch to attach the iPhone to the dashboard of my car. It attaches in a location that makes it seem "built-in". I looked for a i6 mount for a long time and never found anything acceptable. Everything was large and bulky, and couldn't locate the i6 in a perfect location. This hook & loop deal does just that. I am extremely pleased with this set up. Plus the i6 mounts and dismounts with the hook & loop, so easy.

I agree with Shooter. I too use both on long trips, the GPSMAP for the long view, and the i6 for the near term.

The Garmin North America app on the i6 is very good, and the integration with resources available online is very good. I find myself using the i6 more and more for general navigation, but the GPSMAP 64s is still the benchmark.

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On the Other Hand

I find when I fly somewhere and rent a car, I no longer bring my GPSr and just use the TT app on my iPhone. I'm getting tired of carrying so many devices, cables, etc.

It was a slow change, but I doubt I'll go back to carrying both devices.

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Phone- never

I've tried nav apps on my phone. It's not so much that I don't like them as not liking the screen. I find it difficult to see. Much prefer a GPSr.

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Real GPS for everything.

Real GPS for everything. Otherwise its a major battery drain.

GPS when Traveling, Phone when Exploring

When I am on a trip and traveling interstate, I use a GPS since the Navigation on my phone would quickly eat up my data.

However if I am in a town and trying to locate a store or friend's house, I definitely use my phone. Short excursions.

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On a trip I will use the

On a trip I will use the standalone GPS but will always cross-check with google maps on the phone. The standalone GPS occasionally has mapping that is out of date and seems to be updated on a very, very limited basis. Google maps seems to be up to date for the most part. I also use WAZE and that works with Google maps now I believe.


I primarily use GPS (either a GPSMAP 64S or Garmin North America on an iPhone) and then supplement with Apple or Google Maps traffic as needed.

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Phone, GPS, or Both...?

I use my phone and not the GPS when I want to either make a call or text... and the GPS, but not the phone, when traveling to a unfamiliar place.


I'm not really lost.... just temporarily misplaced!


I use a phone in the car for gps, but on a boat I always use the stand-alone gps for marine navigation.

Use Garmin for trips over

Use Garmin for trips over 10-15 miles, other wise use my iphone for short trips

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