2015 Leap Second to be Added Tonight (6/30) at Midnight


As discussed in this earlier post:


This leap second addition is unlikely to cause issues with GPS satellites or receivers. It should be noted however that the GLONAS system may be affected briefly at 0:00 hours UTC on 7/1. Older GLONAS receivers are at higher risk:


Wall Street appears to be a bit concerned. As if they don't have enough to worry about lately:


The concern sounds

The concern sounds reminiscent of Y2K.

1 xtra second

Remember if you are making love to your significant other during this time period an extra second will be added to the experience.

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Good to know. lol.


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Not really

mcginkleschmidt wrote:

The concern sounds reminiscent of Y2K.

Considering the last time a leap second was added (June 2012) Reddit crashed, Gawker went down, lots of Linux servers fell over, and Australian airline Qantas had some computer problems that caused up to 50 delayed flights.

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