Uploading Basecamp files to TomTom Rider


Can I transfer routes created on Basecamp to a TomTom Rider? I realise its not as simple as plugging in the TomTom and pressing upload, but could I export the route as a .gpx file (say) and then import it into TomTom, or do I need another software tool to convert?

I am planning a long ride (over 5000 miles) round the coast of mainland UK in a few weeks time. I have planned the route using Basecamp, which I find a bit clunky, but has served me well when paired to my Zumo 550. The route is divided into daily sections to reduce the overall size. However I have just bought a new (secondhand) motorbike that has a TomTom rider fitted already - sorry I don't know what model as I havnt taken delivery yet, but the bike was registered in 2012 and I assume the satnav was fitted at the time of purchase.

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re: Uploading Basecamp files to TomTom Rider

This could be full of landmines in you are dealing with a program and file not really compatible with the target unit.

I don't know if the Tom-Tom can (or will) accept a Garmin GPX file but there is a program available for a PC that will read the GPX and output an OV2 file which Tom-Tom does use. That program is the Extra_POI_Editor and there are many references to the program here as well as several FAQs and tutorials for it.

With that said, EPE may not read the full Basecamp file either as there are some XML extensions used by Basecamp that aren't included in EPE. I ran into this in creating some tour files for myself. They key issue to be resolved is how either EPE or Tom-Tom would handle an undefined XML element that may be in the file output by Basecamp.

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I admittedly know nothing about TomTom's, but you might want to take a look at the GPSBabel conversion program. It supports conversions for many formats.

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